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Frequently Asked Questions:

All of our monthly memberships have a $30.00 registration fee. There is a (3) minimum commitment for the month to month unlimited memberships as well as a (3) month requirement before a freeze is allowed on any membership. To cancel a membership early will cost you $250.00 for an early cancelation fee depending on how many months you have left on your membership. To cancel at any time you must provide us with a 30 day written notice by the cut off date. You can freeze your membership for a fee of only $15.00 a month once you have been a member for 3 months. 

Customers who want to be a cash member must pay first and last month of the membership up front this does not include the prorated amount you pay when you first sign up.  YOU MUST PAY YOUR MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP BY THE 15TH OF EVERY MONTH. 

All sessions and bundle packs have an expiration date of 1 year. Make sure you use your sessions or bundle packs that you purchase here at Rockstar Tanning because they will expire 1 year from the date you purchased them. 

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