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Tanning Products

Who We Are

Promising Excellence in Everything We Do

Rockstar Tanning opened in 2011. We are going strong thanks to all our valued customers and friends! We are so happy to be able to offer the best tanning and sunless equipment and products in our area. We feature Ergoline, the industry's leading indoor tanning equipment manufacturer, as well as Northern California's ONLY Mystic HD system. 


We carry only the best products the industry can offer that have been tested personally by us to make sure our customers are getting what they pay for. We have lay down beds, two stand-ups, a high pressure, and a sensor-controlled unit that uses a sensor to detect your skin type and pick out the perfect levels of UVA and UVB to ensure the most efficient tan WITHOUT the possibility of burning. The Mystic HD now features three levels of colors that come in cartridge form and there are additives to choose from to customize your Mystic Spray each time you tan. ANY questions no matter how silly you may think they are! We've heard it all, trust us! We are family and dog and cat friendly so don't hesitate to bring in your children or pets with you while you tan. Here at Rockstar, we treat our customers as part of the crew so you might find someone you know hanging around to chat after their tanning session, don't forget if you refer family or friends tell them to drop your name so you make sure to get your free tanning session in any bed or a bottle of lotion at 15% off. We're always running specials and have things going on at the salon so feel free to call or just come on by! Again, thank you to all of our supporters and customers, without you we wouldn't be able to say we've received six awards and rocked it out and to all our future Rockstars, we can't wait to meet you. "WE WILL, WE WILL, TAN YOU!"

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