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How are your tanning sessions sold?

One can buy a single tan, a package of tans (ranging anywhere from a package of 3 to a package of 100) or a membership, that allows one to tan as frequently as needed during a set period of time.

What are your prices?

We have several different plans for tanning, including an introductory package for new members, packages of tans and memberships. Our prices can be as low as a few dollars per tanning session. Rather than try to list out every price on this website, we invite you to come in, see our salon, learn more about our services, take a tour with us, and review the pricing systems available in relation to your tanning goals. Our staff is highly trained and has seen it all, we will give you our best professional opinion while finding you the most cost effective way to meet your needs!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. Gift certificates are available.

Does Rockstar Tanning offer UV-free "airbrush" tanning where an operator individually sprays the customer?

We do! In fact by one of the best companies on the market, Inifinity SUN! By appointment only. Mobile and parties available.

How old must one be to tan at your salons?

Anyone receiving tanning services must be at least 18 years old by law. You must provide us with a valid for of I.D. to receive UV services. Ages 16 and over may receive sunless services (Mystic or custom airbrush) with parental consent. Parent or guardian must be present at time of services.

Can I make an appointment?

We do not take appointments for UV services or the Mystic HD, it is walk in only. We require appointments for custom airbrush along with a $25 deposit to set your appointment that goes towards your session price when you arrive.

Can you guarantee my tan be absolutely perfect?

No. With both tanning beds and the Mystic Tan, there is an art to achieving what you consider a perfect tan and it requires becoming familiar with your skin, getting educated on tanning beds, Mystic Tan and lotions, paying attention to what works and does not work for you, and making the efforts necessary to achieve your tanning goal. We can guarantee you that we have what we know to be the best tanning systems in the world and we will make every effort to help you achieve your best possible tan.


What is the maximum session time on your beds?

We have a variety of brand new top of the line Ergoline beds. Max session depends on your skin type but the highest actual time is 12 mins, the Sun Angel is 20 minutes per session but UV changes based on your reading at your session time.

Do I have to use a tanning lotion when I tan on your beds?

We do not force you to use a tanning lotion but do recommend using one. Minimally, one should be using a high-quality tanning moisturizer to prevent dryness and maximize one’s tanning results. When a person uses no lotion, they can end up shortchanging themselves by slowing the tanning process and forcing themselves to have to tan more to achieve their desired results.

How often do I need to come to get a tan on the tanning beds?

There is not exact answer to this question, since it depends on which bed you use and how easily your skin tans. A majority of our client's find they can maintain a great tan by visiting only once or twice per week. Some find they do well with even less frequent visits.

I am used to going on a tanning beds for 20-30 minutes 6-7 days a week, why can't I do the same in your salons?

We do not ever allow any to exceed the maximum number of minutes on our beds, under any circumstances. To do so would be to abuse the beds, our salon and your skin. Furthermore, it just not necessary when you are tanning on powerful beds like those we offer. Many of customers have noted that one session on our tanning beds gets them more tan than 5 days in a row on the beds they used previously.

How often do you change the bulbs of your beds?

In order to ensure you are always getting the best tan in the shortest time possible, we change our bulbs well before they lose any significant amount of their tanning power. More specifically, we change the bulbs of all of our beds every 600 hours or less,. As many tanners have learned the hard way in the past, as tanning bulbs age they can lose their tanning power, especially when these start to get beyond 800-1000 hours of use. The fact is, however, that many bulbs will continue to light up for 10,000 hours or more, despite having lost all but a small fraction of their tanning power. That is why we consider relamping one of our biggest priorities here at Rockstar, we ensure you'll always leave here with a chart topping tan.


How long will the tan I get with Mystic Tan last?

While it depends on one's natural rate of skin exfoliation, most people find the tan lasts about 6-7 days. Swimming and the use of exfoliating agents can also shorten the length of the tan.

Who is the Mystic Tan for?

Mystic HD UV-Free tanning is for everyone.

Sunless Tanners: If you are already using sunless tanning creams, one short tanning session with Mystic Tan can eliminate the mess and time-consuming task of applying these by hand.

Non-Tanners: If you would like to be tan, but are unable to tan naturally in the sun or on a tanning bed, Mystic Tan can be the solution to getting a natural-looking tan.

Current Tanners: Many current tanners feel there is no substitute for the real thing, but when you need an instant tan or just a boost, Mystic Tan is the answer.

Event Tanners: Mystic Tan is a great last-minute tan for those spur-of-the-moment events, such as weddings, reunions or other special occasions.

What is in the Mystic Tan solution?

All Mystic Tan tanning solutions contain the following:

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the component that creates the longer-term tanning effect. The use of DHA has been FDA-approved for decades as an external tanning agent. When applied, DHA reacts with proteins and amino acids in the skin's superficial layer to form a golden brown color.

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer that helps the skin draw moisture to the surface and thus can soften the skin and help smooth wrinkles. Aloe Vera helps carry the DHA deeper into the skin and promote softer, smoother skin. Mystic Tan tanning solution contains more than 65% stabilized Aloe Vera liquid.

What should I do before coming in for Mystic Tan?

Although there are no absolute requirements necessary for Mystic Tan, we recommend that (if possible) you exfoliate, shower and moisturize any dry skin with a water-based moisturizer the night before or morning of the day you come in. It is also recommended that women shave their legs at the same time, to avoid shortening the length of their tan on their legs.

Will someone be spraying the Mystic Tan solution onto me?

No. The process is automated, allowing you complete privacy.

How long do I have to be in the Mystic Tan booth?

The total amount of time necessary for you to be in the booth is about 45 seconds. The actual spraying itself only last for about 20-40 seconds (depending on the level of spray).

What are the different levels of Mystic Tan?

There are three different levels for Mystic Tan. Level 1 is the least amount of solution and Level 3 is the most. The majority of people are given Level 2, which we consider the "normal" spray. Those seeking to be less or more dark can do Level 1 and 3, respectively.

How many times do I need to do the Mystic Tan process to get tan?

You will be tan after just one session. Some people will wish to be darker and may repeat the process 24-48 hours later. Once one achieves the desired color, it can be maintained with a weekly application.

Will my skin be wet when I step out of the Mystic?

The Mystic Tan solution is applied as a very fine mist but the booth dries you with warm air as it’s spraying you. You may get dressed immediately after your session.

Will swimming affect the results of my Mystic Tan?

Yes. The main problem we have seen from people who use the Mystic Tan and swim (especially in chlorinated pools) is a shortened life for the tan. In our experiences, anything with chlorine will cause at least some fading in the Mystic Tan results.

If there are any questions you need answered further please call us at (510) 222-6252 and of our staff members can assist you. 

Keep Tan and Rock On!