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Hey there Rockstars! Check out our equipment below, we are the ONLY salon in Northern California with the Mystic HD. Check out  Mystic HD on YouTube OR watch the video on their website, www.MysticTan.com. We also feature brand new Ergoline beds, the industry's leading tanning bed manufacturer! 

The Sun Angel is the Bentley of tanning beds, in addition to its already pretty impressive bells and whistles such as 3D surround sound, MP3 dock in, and Deodorizing mist, it has a sensor that reads your skin type and detects the perfect amount of UV for YOU! It eliminates the possibility of burning while allowing you the maximum dose of UV tolerable for your skin. It's a game changer!

We have two powerful stand up machines as well as an award winning high pressure unit.

Our level 1 beds are 12 minutes max but don't let the level fool you, even the Advantage 400s are better than the old school beds you're used to using.

We also do custom airbrush and have mobile and party options available. Call us today to book, airbrush is by appointment only.

Level 1 Advantage 400 12 Min. Max
Sun Angel Sensor Controlled Tanning Bed Detects your skin type and customizes it's UV output for you as an Individual! Impossible to BURN!
NEW MYSTIC HD preheats the booth and DRIES YOU! No more wiping off AND if that wasn't cool enough your solution is customized to you each time with your cartridge!
Inside of New Mystic HD only one nozzle! Airbrushed look!
Level 1 Advantage 400 12 Min. Max
 Level 2 Essence 48 Stand Up 9 Min. Max
Level 3 Sunrise 480 BRAND NEW 9 Min. Max 3D surround sound, mp3 dock in, advanced cooling system!
Level 4 UVA ONLY Open Sun 1050 High Pressure Browning Bed. 12 Min. Max. Industry award winning bed 4 years running!
Level 5 SENSOR CONTROLLED Sun Angel. 20 Min. no matter what because it customizes the UV output for each tanning session for you as an individual. Impossible to BURN!